Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Quarter Progress Report

We've been busy with a number of things lately, and have some exciting news about two upcoming releases. Just last night, we did some work in our studio and now have a live studio version of the song 'Two Cold Oceans', which has been featured as the last song at our last few shows. We plan on having a self-released cdr version of this performance available at our shows in April.

In even more exciting news, we are working with Land of Decay on a limited edition cassette release of our album "II". This will be available in the near future and will feature the artwork of Terence Hannum. We'll post more details when they are available.

Other than that, we've got shows coming up April 14th at the Mopery, April 16th at the Bakery and April 20th at the Empty Bottle, we are booking a weekend on the road at the end of May, we are planning some more studio time for July, we've started work on a video project, and we will be doing a 7" with another local label in the fall.

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