Sunday, January 29, 2012

Co-Pros show recap

Last night was a blast at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the spectacle, and my sincere thanks to Ed Mar and all the bands for bringing it all together seamlessly.

Here are clips of all four acts last night. Much love to Jon Rosenthal and The Inarguable for documenting the event.

Rabid Rabbit- Goliad
Sun Splitter- The Anthropocene
Andre Foisy- Complete set
ONO- untitled

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Next show: Saturday, January 28th @ Co-Prosperity Sphere

Coming up in a few weeks we are very excited to be part of an evening of excellent heavy/weird bands here in our home neighborhood of Bridgeport. The Co-Prosperity Sphere will be graciously hosting us on Saturday, January 28th 2012 along with ONO, FOISY and RABID RABBIT.

Classic Chicago art-rock/no-wave pioneers

"Seeing this band live, it's like they change the lighting in a room without any kind of special effects. It's less a performance and more an exhibition of raw, soulful splendor, unmiterated by any gimmickry, appeasement, or fake bad boy attitudes. A wall of sound and song will delineate into an instrumental industrial ballad; organ, guitar, lap steel, electric drill, and sheet metal will interlace, sparks will fly, and just when you might think there may not have been a plan, a ghostly sort of crooning that could fit into a David Lynch movie might emerge from out of the fog, and you will find that you've just seen a triumphant epic sewn together in front of your very eyes, yet no secrets have been revealed" -Delirious Insomniac

Guitarist and co-founder of deconstructionist black metal group Locrian

Foisy's solo work has been described, by The Inarguable, as "layers of soft strong flowing beauty, building and eventually falling through peace and climax into a moment when he seems to look back with regret. His anticipations never quite find resolution, and his screams tell of the sort of self-hating dismissal that comes so potently after complete surrender to beauty".

Chicago psychedelic metal trio

“For one, the group is more melodic than your typical doom band. Their songs tend to wander, but their meditative passages are punctuated by cascading riffs that follow unusually active chord progressions. Their massive sound is flavored with noise and industrial music, in part because of the drum machine, but the rhythms aren't sterile and
mechanical…Sun Splitter are also more aggressive than most other doom acts—sometimes it sounds like they're trying to tear their songs apart from the inside.” Miles Raymer, Chicago Reader

“Their drum-machine and loop-fueled excursions through noise, droning doom metal, harsh metal grooves, and early 80s "no wave" has earned them a special place in my heart as one of the absolute weirdest and original bands in these recent years.” Jon Rosenthal, The Inarguable

Chicago-based, female-fronted, doom outfit

""Czarny Sen" is the latest from Chicago doom terrorists Rabid Rabbit, who've been supplying the city with sonic attacks for years now and they've teamed up with local label BloodLust! to unveil this stellar new soundtrack of uneasy vibes and heavy funeral dirge molasses. With 2 bass players, huge drums and psychedelic/metallic guitar, Rabid Rabbit pummel your ears with gloom filled heavy repetition only tempered by bassist/vocalist Andrea Jablonski's ethereal vocal croon tempting the listener to travel further towards inevitable disaster. If seasonal depression is your bag then this is the soundtrack to get you through these frozen months" - Permanent Records